Whether it’s intelligent engineering solutions that enhance the user experience or world class manufacturing processes that allow them to provide exceptional performance and quality, SportsArt Fitness never stop striving for excellence. Neither should you. SportsArt.

SportsArt Fitness  is a leader in the fitness industry, having designed and manufactured fitness equipment for 30 years, SportsArt Fitness has consistently raised the bar in the fitness industry, Their product engineers combine science and creativity to design high-quality cardiovascular and strength products. Their work has resulted in numerous patents and product features that deliver tangible benefits for users worldwide.

Creating durable, quality equipment. Unlike other fitness “manufactures” who outsource parts and subassemblies, SportsArt Fitness designs and manufactures many parts and subassemblies. By controlling every aspect of component design and manufacturing, SportsArt assures that your equipment is of maximum quality, high performance, and will have a long product life.

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