Stroops Beast Battling Ropes

The ultimate tool for athletes of every ability, our All Legs Speed Builder adds versatility, portability, and resistance to any lower-body strength exercise. For over ten years, world-class athletes have used this Stroops original to maximize the development of hamstring, quadriceps, abductor, adductor, and abdominal muscles.

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Put away those heavy ropes. Bring out the Stroops Battle Rope! The Stroops Battle Rope is the only performance training tool that provides strength training that incorporates every major muscle group throughout each exercise. Unlike traditional ropes, which only allow a single plane of force, Stroops Battle Rope incorporates Slastix technology, with heavy resistance that elicits muscle contractions throughout the entire body up to three training planes simultaneously. Beyond functioning as a high-powered battle rope, Stroops’ Battle Rope is also a versatile tool with numerous applications—from developing explosive sprints and rotational movements (which target the core muscles) to lateral movement training (which targets core stability), to reverse walking (for lower body strength), to building cardiovascular endurance. Because Stroops bands are lightweight and encased in a protective nylon sheath, athletes gain not just an effective, fast, physically taxing workout, but a safe workout as well, avoiding the dangers of heavy ropes or unprotected elastic bands. With resistances varying from 50 to 150 pounds, Stroops Battle Ropes can be used to train athletes at all fitness levels.

Stroops Beast Ropes come in four weights:

  • Beast Battle Rope 47 lbs
  • Beast Battle Rope 77 lbs
  • Beast Battle Rope 105 lbs
  • Beast Battle Rope 150 lbs

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Beast Battle Rope 47 lbs, Beast Battle Rope 77 lbs, Beast Battle Rope 105 lbs, Beast Battle Rope 150 lbs


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