Hampton Club Elite International Bar Club Pack

The International Club Elite 10 Bar Club Pack is an excellent start-up for new facilities.

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Product Description

Our Club Elite International Bar series incorporates bronze bushings to ensure balance and the smoothest rotation possible. Our power bars feature heat-tempered, high-stress alloy steel to protect against bending. Hampton’s exclusive anodized chrome finish is guaranteed never to chip, flake or peel. All bar sleeves are pinned through the end of the shaft guaranteeing the ends will not come loose. Durable rubber end caps protect floors, plates and freestanding equipment from accruing damage.

International Club Elite 10 Bar Club Pack
Included in the 10-bar Club Pack:
  • Two IB-86-15CE
  • Two IB-86-7CE
  • One IB-72CE
  • One IB-72ACE 15-lb. training bar
  • One IB-60CE
  • One IB-53CE
  • One IB-49CE
  • One IB-35CE
  • Racking System