Hampton Neo-Hex Dumbbells Club Pack with Rack

Hampton Neo Hex Dumbbell Club Pack traditional navy blue neoprene coating adds a little life to your group exercise classes.
40″ x 24 ” 42″ (w x d x h)

Product Description

These dumbbells are completely encased in neoprene for a comfortable ergonomic grip and a rustproof exterior that will not damage your floors or walls. Hampton Fitness’s neoprene dumbbells are available with easy-to-read weight markings. The rack holds a full set of 44-pairs and features a locking mechanism to secure the weights when not in use.

Our navy blue neoprene dumbbells incorporate a unique ergonomic handle with the traditional hexagon shaped head. Ideal for strength training and group exercise workouts.

The Hampton Neo Hex Dumbbell Club Pack includes 44 pair of:

  • Hampton Neo-Hex Dumbbell 2 lbs x 12 pair
  • Hampton Neo-Hex Dumbbell 3 lbs x 10 pair
  • Hampton Neo-Hex Dumbbell 5 lbs x 8 pair
  • Hampton Neo-Hex Dumbbell 8lbs x 7 pair
  • Hampton Neo-Hex Dumbbell 10lbs x 7 pair
  • Hampton Racking system

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