Hoist 4 Station Multi-gym Sale

The Hoist 4 Station multi-gym is ideal for hotels, condominiums and home gym. This unit is brand new.

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Product Description

The Hoist 4 Station Multi gym is a versatile modular multi-station can be customized to best fit your space and fitness requirements. Maximize the fitness possibilities and create a modular multi- station that offers a combination of single, dual or multi-function exercise stations.

The Hoist 4 Station comes with the following stations:

  • high / low pulley
  • mid row
  • lat pulldown
  • leg extension / leg hamstring curl

The dimensions are:

  • length 131.25″ (334 cm)
  • width 94.75″ (241 cm)
  • height 91.25″ (232 cm)

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