Stroops Cuff Performance Pro System

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Elite athletes know that shoulder strength and flexibility is crucial to perform at the highest level; unfortunately, the shoulder area is at high risk for injury. The proven way to maintain optimum shoulder strength and minimize injury risk is to follow strict protocols that include warm-up, post-game, and in- and off-season shoulder conditioning. Designed by leading therapists and trainers, Stroops’ Cuff Performance Pro System provides the ultimate prehabilitative (preventative), rehabilitative, and strengthening program for keeping the rotator cuff, scapula, shoulder, and elbow in optimum condition. The system incorporates Slastix technology into sports-specific exercises and protocols that fighters perform year-round to develop and maintain powerful shoulder strength.

How It Works: The Cuff Performance Pro System is a comprehensive system of repetitive exercises and conditioning techniques, each designed to keep shoulder muscles, tendons, and ligaments in prime condition. Our Cuff Performance Pro System includes detailed instructions and information to ensure that you gain the full benefits of this extraordinary system.

The Stroops Cuff Performance System includes:

  • set of 6 Slastix Performance Bands with handles  on each end and one caribiner clip(very light, light, medium, heavy, very heavy and super heavy
  • comprehensive exercise guide
  • DVD
  • One door anchor
  • Stroops carry bag

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