Buy all three SMRT-CORE DVDs, bundle package.

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Presented as an educational DVD collection with several individual workouts, the program is easy to follow, designed for various fitness levels and challenges the core while delivering a self-massage.

  • Level  1 : this level engages the core and teaches the foundational “push-pull” movements needed to perform all the SMRT-CORE exercises. A great starting point for increasing strength and stability.
  • Level 2 :  this level incorporates the foundational movements from Level 1, Level 2 adds intensity with a ‘press’ after many ‘push-pull’ exercises to build power, increasingly work the core and further improve performance.
  • Level 3 : this level w step it up from Level 2 by taking the “push-pull-press” and adding a “pause” at the peak intensity of each movement. We go to the hardest part of each exercise and hold that position to give you the most challenging strength and stability workout.

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