Dynamax was founded in 1985 by coaches Bruce Evans and Jim Cawley.  Both coaches were searching for the perfect tool for high velocity, partner-based medicine ball training.  They wanted a ball that was durable enough to withstand the high impact of training but soft enough to not injure the hands of the training partner.  There was no ball on the market that met these demands, so the two coaches created their own.  Dynamax became the perfect training tool for efficiently training all ten general physical skills and allowed athletes to train in locations outside of the weight room.  Not only did they design the perfect medicine ball, the product is environmentally friendly.

Throughout the years, preserving the methods and practices that made Dynamax Medicine Balls the overwhelming choice of professional and college athletes for over 25 years is the ultimate goal.  The company has expanded to the general fitness and international markets, while maintaining the quality relied upon by elite athletes.  Dynamax has been the product of choice for elite athletes for over twenty-five years and is used by over 90% of all NFL, NBA, MLB teams.  Over the years it has become popular with CrossFit affiliated boxes and is used in the CrossFit Games. Dynamax is now sold across the world in over 20 countries via a network of major industry distribution partners.

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