The Pro Grade Kettlebell is a better bell for all purposes. The shape has been refined as a result of the many years of Girevoy sport that have been bought to bear on it. Made entirely from steel, Pro Grade Kettlebells maintain the same dimensions across the range. Rather than making a larger sphere for a larger weight, Pro Grade Kettlebells are a hollow sphere whose shell increases in thickness as the bells become heavier. Therefore, an 8kg bell has exactly the same dimensions as a 32kg bell, both in handle size and thickness, bell shape and distance between sphere and handle. This makes a massive amount of difference in terms of both technique and comfort. A smaller handle is less taxing on the grip, and the sphere of the bell rests far more comfortably on the forearm, rather than the wrist joint. Finally, a greater amount of the Kettlebell’s mass is located in the sphere itself, which means it will cut the air better as well.

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