Marpo Kinetics was founded in 2006 by Marius Popescu, an engineer by profession and former competitive judo athlete and coach with a life-long passion for sports and fitness. Having trained with climbing ropes throughout his competitive years, Marius fully understood the value of this imposing training modality. It became his mission to bring the benefits of rope training to those of all fitness levels. The result is a line of functional and effective exercise equipment that does much more than serve as a rope climbing alternative.

Developing the first functional prototype from his home garage, Marius worked with kinesiologists to create the comprehensive exercise protocols that have been praised by fitness practitioners worldwide. “Our Rope Trainers are all about delivering an intense and effective workout without compromising safety. Whether the goal is to build strength, endurance or cardiovascular conditioning, Marpo Rope Trainers are functional training powerhouses” says Marius. Today, Marpo Rope Trainers are used in gyms, rehabilitative centers, and fitness facilities of all sizes in over 30 countries around the world. Each model is capable of delivering a more efficient calorie burn over traditional cardio trainers while also providing a strength workout that can outperform an entire suite of fixed movement machines.
Whether training professional sports teams or helping gyms retain and motivate members, Marpo Rope Trainers have proven to be some of the most versatile and highest-performing machines available anywhere.

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