FreeMotion Fitness Incline Trainer i22.9

Give your members the industry-leading cardio experience on the Incline Trainer and help them better achieve their goals. Whether running or walking, training at an incline increases heart rate, muscle activation, and calorie expenditure, all while reducing the impact that leads to injury. Featuring an industry-leading 30% incline and -3% decline.

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FreeMotion Fitness Incline Trainer i22.9


  • Each interactive workout allows your coach to remotely adjust the incline, decline, or speed of your Incline Trainer to mirror the on-screen content, creating an immersive and engaging training experience.
  • With an industry-leading 30% incline and a -3% decline available at the touch of a button, you can burn more fat calories on the Incline Trainer, with less perceived exertion. With the primary fuel source coming from fat, walking at a 30% incline burns 3.6 times more calories than walking on a flat surface.
  • Immerse yourself in visually stunning imagery while working out in exotic locations around the globe, or watch a favorite TV program on this high-definition 22in / 55cm capacitive touchscreen.
  • Great for HIIT sessions or anyone who doesn’t want to continually tap the speed+ button, quickly adjust your speed or incline with the convenient 1-STEP™ Controls. If you’re looking for a more precise speed or incline, hit two back-to-back. For example, pressing ‘2’ and ‘5’ will adjust the speed to 2.5 mph / km/h.
  • Stay cool throughout the workout with a conveniently-located 3-speed fan, or select the AutoBreeze™ function to enjoy a variable flow that responds to your pace.
  • Never lose sight of your personal fitness goals with real-time metrics that go beyond traditional feedback, leveraging heart rate, intensity, incline statistics, and more to measure and track your fitness journey.
  • Get real-time data during your workout with built-in EKG grips, so you know when you’re in the ideal heart-healthy zone. Also compatible with ANT+ and Polar®.
  • Deeply immerse yourself in your workout with an enhanced audio experience when connecting via Bluetooth or headphone jack.
  • Charge your devices during your workout with a convenient USB port.


  • Display Type 22 in / 55 cm High-Definition Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Resolution  1080p ISP LCD Screen
  • Console Language(s)  English
  • Workout Metrics  Speed, Incline, Distance, Vertical Meters, Calories, Calores/Hour, Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate, Pace, Elapsed Time, Time Remaining, Time Of Day
  • Built-in TV Tuner International: PAL B/G, PAL I, SECAM D/K, SECAM L, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C
  • Video Connections Coax, HDMI input
  • Audio Connections 3.5 mm Audio Out, Bluetooth
  • Closed Captioning  CC1-4, TEXT 1-4
  • Deck 1 in (2.5 cm) Double-Sided, Cushioned Deck
  • Platform  Spacious Rear Platform
  • Drive Motor  Rear-Mounted AC 5.0 CHP Commercial Drive Motor
  • Belt  Double Layered Quiet Belt
  • Elevation System  -3% decline to +30% incline
  • Speed Range  0-15 mph / 0-24 km/h
  • Speed and Incline Controls  Touchscreen; On-Handle; 1-STEP™ Touch Controls; Precision Quick Speed Controls
  • Heart Rate Monitoring Dual EKG Pulse Sensors,  ANT+ and Polar Compatible
  • Emergency Stop Safety Key and Clip
  • Accessories Holder(s) Dual Water Bottle Holders, Secure Phone Holder, all with Removable Inserts
  • Accessory Charging USB Charging Port
  • Grips  Soft touch upper body grips
  • Transport Wheels  Rear-Mounted Transport Wheels and Front-Mounted Retractable Swivel Casters
  • AutoBreeze™ Fan Adjustable, 3-Speed, 8in / 20.3cm CrossFlow™ Fan
  • Maximum User Weigh t400 lbs / 181 kg
  • Step-Up Height 15.5 in / 39.4 cm
  • Running Surface 21.5 x 60 in / 54.6 x 152 cm
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 82 x 34.8 x 75.3 in / 208.3 x 88.3 x 191.3 cm
  • Product Weight 750 lbs / 340.2 kg

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