DHT Stall Bars

The design of the Stall Bars are extremely versatile, allowing individuals to train their body in a range of motions.

DHT Stall Bars

The straight Stall Bar unit is a wall mounted exercise ladder with 9 bars. Stall bars have served a simple, customisable tool for targeted stretching and bodyweight training, helping athletes develop better balance, flexibility and core strength.

Stall Bars have been embraced by trainers working with everyone from martial arts to power lifters. The Stall Bars also have two accessories:

  1. Pull Up Bar
  2. Dip Bar

Product Features:

  • Metal frame
  • 9 wooden rungs
  • 6 wall mount attachments

Product Specifications:

  • 198.4 cm x 80.00 cm x 18.5 cm (H x W x D)

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