FreeMotion Fitness Fusion CXT Group Training

A 45-minute, high-energy, fat-burning, muscle-building small group class like no other. Give your members the ultimate fusion of cardio and strength training in an engaging, motivating, small group format, creating a new profit center for your facility in the process.

FreeMotion Fitness Fusion CXT Group Training


  • With 6 independent swivel pulleys that create fluid cable travel, the Fusion CST allows virtually any exercise and movement pattern, providing cardio and strength training all on one machine.
  • With patented Silent Magnetic Resistance and 20 power settings to choose from, the Fusion CST delivers a quiet, smooth, high-powered strength training that will get your members’ hearts pumping and muscles pulsing.
  • Providing concentric training without eccentric resistance as the cable retreats, participants leverage fast movements to achieve a high-calorie cardio burn and achieve a more significant increase in muscle fiber diameter, while reducing soreness.
  • Designed to accommodate high-velocity and power movements through balance and symmetry, users can extend and stretch each high-strength rope with 100 inches (254 cm) of independent rope travel.
  • Quickly maneuver the Fusion CST around the room with an easy-lift mechanism and convenient transport wheels that enable your team to transition between group classes quickly.
  • The conveniently located Watts console motivates participants to keep going strong by displaying the power output they generate with each heart-pumping movement.
  • With 6 ergonomically-designed handles and 2 easy-on ankle straps, participants can perform a near-unlimited number of powerful movements.
  • The open design and versatile movement options make it wheelchair accessible and welcoming for all fitness levels.
  • Built to last with attention to detail on key features like:
    Double-braided, coated polyester rope designed to maximize strength and durability
    Expertly constructed 7 and 11-gauge steel frame
    Electrostatic powder-coat tested to ensure this machine looks good for years to come


  • Pulleys Three pairs of swivel pulleys
  • Rubber Feet 4 rubber pads
  • Resistance System SMR™ (Silent Magnetic Resistance)
  • Resistance 100 lbs / 45 kg per pulley
  • Transport Wheels Portable via integrated wheels and easy-lift mechanism
  • ADA Accessible Wheelchair and ADA Accessible
  • Rope Travel 100 inches / 254 cm
  • Accessories 6 handles and 2 ankle straps per machine
  • Display Type LED
  • Console Language(s) English
  • Controls Resistance level 1-20
  • Machine Weight lb (kg) 422 lbs / 191.5 kg
  • Product L x W x H 42 x 67 x 75 in / 107 x 170 x 191 cm
  • International 220-240 VAC, 0.1 Amps

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