TraTac Active Roll

TraTac ActiveRoll – is a high intensity vibration foam roller optimized for back pain, muscle pain, neck pain and a great recovery deep tissue sports therapy pain relief roller.

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TraTac Active Roll 

The portable vibrating massage ball “Tratac ActiveBall” has won Red Dot Award 2016 “Winner of the Product Design”. One of the three prestigious design awards in the world and recognized for its innovation and functionality.

Product Features:

  • 4-stage vibration can be adjusted depending on the massage area and the purpose of use.
  • Excellent durability of EPP materials and waved pattern design.
  • Auto power off function – optimum exercise time is set at 10 minutes
  • Long battery life
  • Comes with charger and carryon bag


  • 15 cm width x 45 cm length


  • Black or blue

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