Balanced Body Studio Reformer

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Balanced Body Studio Reformer

The smoothest, quietest ride on the market. Balanced Body’s Pilates Studio Reformer® sets the standard in comfort and craftsmanship. With every edge sculpted and smooth, the Studio Reformer has sleek, clean lines-appealing to the eye and inviting to the touch.


  • Frame is sanded by hand and finished with a lustrous satin finish.
  • Extra-wide 7″ (17.75cm) boards combined with fitted and joined frame and legs create an exceptionally sturdy, stable machine.
  • Built-in standing platform is 27″ x 4.5″ (69cm x 11cm), with non-slip surface for safety.
  • Jumpboard bracket.
  • Heavy-duty hardware throughout. Aluminum parts are anodized to reduce friction, prevent oxidation and eliminate “black dust.”
  • A cut-out at the head of the Studio Reformer adds an extra 3.5″ (8.9cm) of carriage travel in machines that have risers.
  • Carriages are lightweight yet strong, for an extremely responsive and stable surface.
  • Precision carriage system rides on one-piece rail structure that provides a rock solid, smooth carriage ride and offers even greater frame stability.
  • Carriage tracking system creates an ultra-smooth, virtually silent ride. Our 8-wheel system features 4 custom-built vertical wheels to support the carriage, and 4 adjustable sidewheels to guide the carriage smoothly down the track.
  • Control the extension of the carriage with 5 range-limiting carriage stops at head of the frame.
  • Padded shoulder rests are sculpted for comfort, with posts that hold ropes off the floor. The Balanced Body TwistLock™ system lets you quickly adjust shoulder rests to 1″ (2.5cm) wider spacing for larger clients, or remove them entirely to convert to a mat system.
  • 3-position padded headrest for cervical support.
  • Longest carriage travel in the industry – advantageous for jumping exercises. Maximum travel is 41″ (104cm) in machines with risers.
  • Safety-rated climbing ropes are secured by nautical cam cleats. Rope length adjustments are quick and easy. Option also available: Classic leather straps and casters.
  • Padded carriage, upholstered in heavy-duty vinyl.
  • Durable nickel-plated springs with tapered ends and swivel hooks.
  • Two spring positions: no load (neutral) and pre-loaded.
  • 5-spring format enables you to configure up to 46 resistances. Your choice of spring weights. Standard configuration: 1 blue (light), 3 red (medium), 1 green (heavy).
  • Standard or New York Sitting Box (your choice).
  • Cotton Foot Strap.
  • Neoprene® handles.


  • Height: 14” (36cm). Can also choose heights of 18” (46cm) or 24” (61cm).
  • Length: 93” (236cm) Stretch Studio Reformer is 99” (251cm) in length.
  • Width: 26.5” (69cm). Carriage pad, pad only, not including head rest:
  • Length: 30.5” (77.5cm)
  • Width: 23” (58.4cm)
  • Weight: 152 lbs. (69kg)

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