TRX Plyo Box

Use TRX Soft Plyo Boxes to attempt a new box jump record with reduced risk of injury, so you’ll never be set back in your training.

TRX Plyo Box

Confidently take your plyometric training to the next level with TRX Plyo Boxes, made of foam that’s firm and durable, but soft enough on the outside to protect your knees and shins if you happen to miss. TRX Plyo Boxes are sold individually in heights 6-24 inches, and can be easily stacked into customized heights that won’t slip apart.

TRX plybox product features:

  • Available in 6, 12, 18 and 24 inches

  • Boxes can be stacked safely without risk of slipping

  • Dense foam core with softer foam on sides prevent injury

  • Covered with heavy-duty vinyl

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