Balanced Body Sitting Box

Balanced Body Siting boxes for all models of reformers.

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Used with your Reformer, a Sitting Box opens up a whole new realm of Reformer workouts, including prone exercises, abdominal strength exercises, side stretching and more. Sitting Boxes also offer a more comfortable option for many seated exercises.

Boxes upholstered stock in Black, except for the Allegro 2 Sitting Box which is in Storm.

Contour Sitting Box™

We’ve taken the edges off, to fit the body better and encourage a fuller range of motion. You may not think you’re aware of the edge, but once it’s gone you’ll be amazed at how much better the exercises flow. More comfortable for prone exercises (Swan) and supine long box exercises (Back Stroke) because there is no hard edge to interfere with body placement. Part of a new line of products, created in collaboration with Rael Isacowitz, which take the designs of Joseph Pilates to a new level of comfort and expanded performance.

If you have Choose this Sitting Box:
Studio or Clinical Reformer® Any size — your preference
Allegro® 2 Reformer Allegro 2
Allegro® Reformer Standard or Contour
Pilates Sport® Reformer New York
Pilates IQ® Reformer New York
Personal Reformer Standard or Contour
CenterLine™ Reformer CenterLine

Sitting Box Dimensions:
Standard: 16″w x 29″l x 11.5″h (41cm x 74cm x 29cm)
Contour: 16″w x 29″l x 11.5″h (41cm x 74cm x 29cm)
New York : 15″w x 27″l x 10″h (38cm x 69cm x 25cm)
Large: 16″w x 29″ l x 13.5″h (41cm x 74cm x 34cm)
CenterLine : 14″wx26″lx9.5″h (36cm x 66cm x 24cm)
Allegro 2: same size as Standard, comes in Storm.

Large Sitting Box with Lip

In need of just a little more room? Adding a longer top (lip) to our large sitting box makes long box exercises, like pulling straps and teaser, more comfortable and supportive for those who are taller or doing rehab work. Excellent for both supine and prone exercises.

Large Sitting Box with Lip Dimensions:
Top: 18″w x 34″l x 13.5″h (46cm 86cm x 34cm)
Base: 16″w x 29″l x 13.5″h (41cm x 74cm x 34cm)


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Standard/ Allegro, Allegro 2, New York/ IQ/ Sport, CenterLine, Large, Large with Lip, Contour


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