Alpha Strong Thy Beast

Alpha Strong Sandbags are way ahead of the curve. Alpha Strong bags are simple, strong, and made to last! These are the first sandbags on the market that have function driven handles in multiple places on the bags and balls for easy handling and versatility.

Alpha Strong Thy Beast

Alpha Strong is fast becoming the leader in the exercise and exercise equipment industry.  Alpha Strong equipment is exactly what the name implies – strong, functional, versatile, the #1 sandbag/equipment currently available. As a team, Alpha Strong intends to continue building and creating the most innovative alternative fitness equipment for individual fitness enthusiasts, athletes, coaches, trainers, firefighters, police, and armed forces who love to TRAIN. HARD.™ Try our equipment today and see for yourself how much fun working out can be again!

Product Features:

  • Weight Capacity 40-80 lbs
  • Load weight using the Easy Access, Wide Mouth, Double Closure Opening
  • Includes No Leak Inner Sandbag Liner that holds up to 80 pounds (sand not included)
  • Triple Set Handle Configuration for Maximum Versatility

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