Sanctband 3-in-1 Multipack 13” Loop Band

The mini loop band can also be used to add intensity and variety to existing body weight and HIIT exercises, making them even more challenging for enhanced metabolic conditioning.

Sanctband 3-in-1 Multipack 13″ Loop Band

The Sanctband Loop Band is the smallest and most portable piece of equipment. It has a smaller range of movement and can easily be used handheld or looped around the feet, ankles or knees. It can be used to target smaller, isolated muscles groups in a more clinical setting or add intensity and variety to existing exercises that are already challenging for metabolic conditioning.

Product Features: 

  • Includes: one Amber, Purple and Teal Loop Band
  • Carry bag


  • Amber – Medium
  • Purple – Heavy
  • Teal – X-Heavy

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