Balanced Body EZ Clean Loops & Footstraps

Balanced Body EZCLEAN Loops & Straps are made of durable nylon and PVC, with a leather-like semi-gloss coating that is soft, supple and very easy to clean.

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Balanced Body EZ Clean Loops & Footstraps

EZCLEAN Single Loops and Double Loops with D-rings are available for most Balanced Body Reformers.

EZCLEAN Loops and Straps are cleaned by applying a mild cleaning solution to both sides (Balanced Body Clean™, mild soap and water, or a mild bleach solution will all work) and wiping off with a soft towel.

Balanced Body EZ Clean Footstraps


  • Allegro Reformer – Long, 28.5″ (72cm)
  • Studio Reformer with REVO Footbar – Medium, 27.5″ (70cm)
  • Studio or Clinical Reformer with Infinity Footbar – Short, 25.5″ (65cm)
  • Studio Reformer with Classic Footbar – Short, 25.5″ (65cm)
  • CenterLine Reformer – Short, 25.5″ (65cm)
  • Rialto Reformer -Short, 25.5″ (65cm)
  • *NOTE: Footstrap for Allegro 2 Reformer is in development.

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