Balanced Body Footstraps

Combined with a sitting box, the footstrap secures your foot, or both feet, during exercises like the Short Box Series, Mermaid and many more.

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Balanced Body Footstraps

This Reformer accessory adds versatility to your workouts, and all Balanced Body Reformers come with attachment points to accommodate a footstrap. Footstraps are often used with a Sitting Box exercise.


All sizes are available in Cotton or Padded styles.

  • Allegro 2 Reformer – Allegro 2, adjustable
  • Allegro Reformer – Long, 28.5″ (72cm)
  • Studio/ Revo Footbar – Medium, 27.5″ (70cm)
  • Studio or Clinical/ Infinity Footbar – Short, 25.5″ (65cm)
  • Studio/ Classic Footbar – Short, 25.5″ (65cm)
  • CenterLine Reformer – Short, 25.5″ (65cm)
  • IQ Reformer – Extra Long, 30.5″ (77cm)

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