Balanced Body BAC Disc Set

Balanced Body BAC Disc Set

BAC: Biomechanical Asymmetry Corrector (of Motion)

BAC Discs are a dynamic assessment and treatment tool designed to restore normal spinal mechanics and functional movement patterns. These rotating discs can be used in both supine and quadruped positions. Designed by Jean Claude West and engineered to his specifications by Balanced Body, the discs are made of Maple-faced hardwood laminate with padded, upholstered tops.


  • Two BAC Discs 16″ (41cm) rotating discs.
  • Detachable 9″(23cm) disc to support the head or feet. The distance between this disc and the 16″ disc is adjustable to accommodate various body sizes.
  • 20″ x 30″ (51cm x 76cm) upholstered, padded mat to position the body in the same plane as the discs.

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