Balanced Body Reformer/ Trapeze Combination (RTC)

The Pilates Reformer / Trapeze Combination™ is ideal for single practitioners, home use and any situation where space is a consideration, as we combine a complete Studio Reformer® with a Trapeze Table.

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Product Description

It’s easy to change from Trapeze to Reformer, simply remove the twin mats, insert the removable shoulder rests, position the risers, and raise the footbar. Originally created by Balanced Body® for Marika Molnar in 1994, this is a deluxe machine with our top-of-the-line features. Most of the Trapeze Table options are available for the Reformer/Trapeze.


Table/Reformer frame height: 14″ (36cm), 18″ (46cm) or 24″ (61cm)
Table/Reformer width, including canopy brackets: 30.5″ (77cm)
Table/Reformer length: 93″ (236cm)
Frame height: 83.87″ (213cm)


  • Sitting box
  • Single cotton loops (pair) & cotton footstrap
  • Maple roll-down bar with inside hooks
  • Pair of adjustable thigh and ankle cuffs.
  • Set of Fuzzies (lambswool loops), with long webs (black).
  • Belly strap.
  • Built-in standing platform with non-slip surface.

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