FreeMotion Fitness Multi Storage Unit 16′

The Freemotion 16 ft (4.8 m) Multi-Storage Unit definitely brings in the “wow” factor. With ample storage and incredible design, the Multi-Storage Unit has versatility that can be customized to fit your gym’s needs, wants and desires. The add-on rig attachment converts this storage piece into a personal or small group training tool.

FreeMotion Fitness Multi Storage Unit 16′


  • Constructed with the best 11 gauge steel, this sharp unit adds to the overall aesthetic of your facility.
  • As the biggest of all the Freemotion Multi Storage Units the 16 ft (4.8 m) unit can handle almost any fitness tool you have on your floor.
  • All the components of the 16 ft (4.8 m) unit can be modified to fit your changing class schedule and fitness tools.
  • Hold it all together with shelves that can withstand the weight. Because these heavy duty shelves are 100% customizable, you can configure the space to your unique needs.
  • Holds Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Wall Balls, Stability Balls, Kettlebells, Bosu Balls, Ropes, Mats, Bands and much more.
  • This generous storage solution can be expanded and used with Freemotion FitRig attachments for additional training opportunities.


  • Frame and Finish 11-Gauge Steel Frame. Dent-resistant and long lasting, the 11-gauge steel frame works in any gym setting.
  • Machine Weight lbs (kg) 997.1 lbs (452.2 kg)
  • L x W x H in (cm) 39 x 196 x 91.2 in (99 x 497.8 x 231.6 cm)


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